Feral Fragments of Lonjsko Polje – Film

The Feral Fragments of Lonjsko Polje film offers a series of short visual stories capturing a 4-day feral drift with the Lonjsko Polje wetlands in Croatia that we undertook with 19 participants of our workshop organised as part of the Croatian Pavilion at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia.

The film is showcased at the Biennale, as part of the Croatian Pavillion exposition ‘Same As it Ever Was’.

Experimenting with feral (open-ended, multisensory, beyond human control) ways of knowing & doing, we drifted with local creatures such as storks, mosquitoes, storms, and the river Sáva to explore the more-than-human relations and spatiotemporalities of care that shape the flow of life and death in the wetlands ecosystem.

This feral investigation resulted in co-creative outcomes – or fragments – of diverse formats including a nonbinary wayfinding system, a synesthetic map, a memory seed bank, and a ritualistic speculation on local biodynamic culture, as captured in the film. The fragments were produced collaboratively by the drift participants.

Apart from the Venice Biennale exposition, Feral Fragments have been showcased on several occasions including: