Devil’s Rock

Devil’s Rock overseeing the river Berounka.

When you climb all the way up the rock, you are there. You made it. Now you can sit down and look all around, at the river Berounka, at all the deciduous and coniferous trees.

Feel the wind.

The rock is wrapped in a fable about a fisherman who made a deal with the devil: he promised to give the devil his daughter in exchange for getting a bridge built over the river, overnight. The bridge was supposed to be finished by the next morning, till the rooster starts crowing. When the fisherman saw how fast the work is being done, he panicked and rushed into the henhouse in the middle of the night and flashed a lantern into the rooster’s face. The crowing came, the devil disappeared, leaving only the half-built bridge behind (and his face carved into the rock of course).

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