Walking with Sipoonkorpi

Guided by geographer Marko Leppänen & biologist Adela Pajunen this fall we also walked through, in and with a patch of forest in the Sipoonkorpi National Park (Helsinki region, Finland).

This was again a hybrid (on-site/online) walk where the authors of the Terveysmetsä (Health Forest) project – shared with us and participants joining us on site and online some of their research and experiences with a forest therapy model that has been incorporated into the official healthcare system in several districts in Finland.

Experimenting with face moss spa, smiling stick therapy and getting closer to the more-than-human forest ecosystem (Phot: Markéta Dolejšová).

During the walk, we observed the local forest creatures, plunged our faces in a moss carpet, listened, and co-created new forest stories. we talked about Forests as places of refuge, myths and sacredness, a way of understanding oneself and others, as well as a standard canvas for industrial extraction of natural materials.

Thank you Marko and Adela for a most beautiful fall walk!

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